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Thank you for visiting our site. Take a moment to check out "The Backyard Story" and see how Backyard Flames came to be. I greatly appreciate your support.

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The "Backyard" Story

“The Backyard Story”


In September 2019 Big Will started a small hotdog cart in hopes of motivating the youth to dream BIG and hoping to provide a funding source for his “Voices of the Struggle” #VOTS Gang Prevention program. 


A program targeting young African American males struggling with the street-life and gang activity. Big Will was all to familiar with that life style and the troubles it would bring because at 19 he was facing 22 years in prison for criminal activity and gang involvement. Which resulted in him becoming homeless and being denied over 200 jobs he was qualified for.


As you can see that small hotdog cart grew in this mobile food unit you see today. Not matter how successful the business may become, the mission is still aimed to motivate the youth and to provide a positive light to the young that still struggles with troubled behaviors! 


“Don’t look back in ten years and wish you had made a different choice, that’s time you can never get back” - Big Will

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