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Those classic tasting Hotdogs you haven't had in a while

Here at Backyard Flames, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your food and service. We take pride and dedication in serving the best hotdogs in the CAROLINAS!  We'll see you real soon.

That Classic taste you haven't had in a while.

A good Hotdog can bring back some fun memories from childhood but many of us have gotten older, busy, and can't find time to search for a good dog. Growing up there was nothing like having small talk with a good ole chili dog and coke but many of those Hot Dog joints back then are just memories now. Well its time to create some new memories with some good ole small talk while eating a chili dog and coke.  We promise to provide you with that classic tasting Hot Dog you haven't had in a while. We'll see you at the Backyard real soon!


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